To our American friends

2513 mal gelesen

If you promise something, you’ve got to keep it, so this is me keeping half of the promise for the moment, which was to write a post in English. I promised that to Randy, Matthew and all the nice folks at Progressive FCS in Kennett, Missouri (, whom I showed the pictures in this blog after they had taken us to the Field Day of the Delta Research Center, where we had a huuuge breakfast and lunch, and in between heard speeches given by the Governor of the State of Missouri, two senators and two congresswomen/men. Of course we enjoyed going into the research fields and learning lots of things about pesticides, herbicides, and why soybeans grow much better on beds than on flat ground. After that, we got to ride a cottonpicker and saw a cotton gin (to our European readers: That’s not a drink, that’s where they clean the cotton). Thanks again, folks, and we will post some more pictures when we’ve got the opportunity to do it (might take a while, though!)

Anke & Stefan

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